Top 5 Tips of Wearing Latex

Latex-wear enthusiasts are popularly known as “rubberists”.

The public imagery of a rubberist has historically been portrayed in a very narrow & negative light, with limiting the fetish to the stereotypical, all-encasing gimp costume. But in reality, the fetish & the material both are far more versatile than what has been made out to be.

For newbies in Latex fetish subculture or ones who want to develop the kink themselves, the thought of wearing restrictive tight clothing made out of something as rigid & elastic as latex can seem like a daunting & intimidating task. But that’s only the scepticism & unfamiliarity that accompanies the initial excitement of it.

So, let’s go over some tips for beginners who want to explore the vast lifestyle of wearing latex.

Mix it up

Firstly, one should not go overboard on the first experience with latex clothing. It takes quite a while to adjust to the feeling & experience of it. Therefore, it is always recommended to try out latex with a mix of cotton-like breathable materials, to facilitate a somewhat seamless transition from cotton-based clothing to something as extreme as latex. Latex is much different in terms of quality, comfort & fitting to more conventional materials like cotton & polyester. Thus, it’s better to find a middle ground between the two materials in the form of clothing made from mixtures of latex & cotton.

Powder up

Next thing to keep in mind is the fact that latex is known for its body-hugging qualities & because of this clinginess, it can get uncomfortable to say the least.
Therefore, using talcum powder & a lot of it before putting on the outfit can go a long way in maintaining comfort levels & mobility, while reducing friction. It’s also very important to carry it around if one is wearing latex outdoors in public. The material allows more room to breathe & higher flexibility if a lot of talcum powder is applied to the body. Put simply, the powder prevents it from hugging & clinging to one part of the body.

Stay away from sharp objects

It’s also of utmost importance to understand the nature & durability of the cloth & the condition because latex is a material that doesn’t hold up too well in real-world conditions if not maintained properly.

Therefore, it’s essential that the person planning to wear latex clothes has to stay away from sharp objects because the cloth will definitely tear up if touched or pricked by a sharp or pointed object.

Avoid friction

Another rule of thumb to be kept in mind while wearing latex is to always try & keep friction created against the cloth to the minimum possible level because friction is another thing that can corrode through the material of latex. Also, friction can cause burns on the skin. Therefore, it’s always better to be mindful of the environment one is around & the seating positions one is going to assume throughout the period while one plans to wear the material.
Not all situations are suitable for latex wear.

Be mindful of cleaning & maintenance

Rubber fetishists are known for their commitment to meticulous detail when it comes to the performance of their fetishism. However, to have a fulfilling experience with latex clothing, one needs to also be wary of the aspect of cleaning & maintaining the cloth. Latex requires a lot of maintenance & has to be cleaned everytime after use without fail for it to be long lasting & to prevent the material from spoiling. Cleaning latex regularly is mandatory.  But no worries- it’s not a headache and in fact, real easy. You will simply have to give it a quick but thorough wipe down with a damp cloth.

Wearing latex is not for everyone.

The fetish involves strong dedication to it. So, a person thinking of integrating into the Rubberist scene needs to be certain of the commitment that needs to be put into it.