Sex Materials: Books that talk about sex and why you should read them

Sex and literature — can it get any better? Well, it’s a slippery slope, really. Reading about sex can often feel pretty cheap, dry, or too clinical. So it’s vital to trust the author before you start plowing through the pages. But who do you ask for a good book about sexual intercourse? Friends? Family? No, it’s too awkward. You can ask us, of course.


With years of experience in the sex department, we’re as reliable as any A-list porn star when it comes to fun between the sheets. So, take a seat, relax, and put your reading glasses on. We’re going to take you through our list of books about sex, love, and all things kinky and dirty.

Redeeming the Kamasutra by Wendy Doniger

The first book on our list is Wendy Doniger’s “Redeeming the Kamasutra.” When you hear the name of the famous Indian book about the art of love and living, we’re pretty sure you’re thinking about weird sex positions and tutorials on how to reach the G-spot. However, Doniger’s work isn’t quite like that. There’s much more to it. The American Indologist’s work is all about explaining why Kamasutra is more than just a sexy present for your anniversary.


The best thing about “Redeeming the Kamasutra” is that it’s super readable. Pretty much everyone can enjoy it. You don’t have to be another Indologist — as if there are many of them out there — to enjoy this book. 


Doniger’s book takes us through the way of living, more than just fudging around. If you want full-on porn, go watch it. Wendy is a lot more sophisticated and seems to think there’s more to sex than simple carnal pleasure.

The Wild Woman’s Way by Michaela Boehm

It’s no secret that, after a while, we lose some of that sex magic we had when we were younger. And that’s okay. That’s how life works. But why not spice things up again? Aside from including sex toys in your inventory, why not read a quality book about revamping your private life and bedroom affairs? If you’re into the idea of it, Michaela Boehm’s “The Wild Woman” is a perfect piece of literature to help you out. Here’s why.


Boehm perfectly explains the pressure of modern-day life by dissecting career expectations, romantic relationships, and how it can all be a little too much. Yet, she finds a perfect balance of intrigue, romance, and serious tips on how to handle things on your own without toxic comparisons to others. “The Wild Woman’s Way” is a book that understands how dangerous it is to idealize others and degrade yourself.

Kama Sutra: Amorous Man and Sensuous Woman

Is there a better book on sex than the world-famous Kama Sutra by the Indian philosopher Mallanaga Vatsyayana? No, there isn’t. It’s the bible of lovemaking, making it a necessary read for anyone willing to delve into literotica and other genres that revolve around the art of sexual intercourse and life in general.


Depending on which edition you find, you’ll come across all sorts of illustrations. For some, it will be just enough to make them horny when you see all those quirky but exciting sex positions. Nevertheless, it’s not just about what you’ll see as much as it’s about what you’ll read, of course. In essence, Kama Sutra is the manual on love and life. 

Love, Sex, and Philosophy by Travis J Woods

It’s easy to lose yourself today and start enjoying mainstream spirituality and low-key philosophy while listening to cheap podcasts. But some modern books still have that powerful kick classic Russian authors have. One of these books is Travis J Woods’ “Love, Sex, and Philosophy.” It’s a deep and poetic look at life, love, and beauty.


This piece is spiritual. It has that magical way of touching its readers with its indirect messages that make you rethink who you are and what your position in the grand scheme of things is. “Love, Sex, and Philosophy” revolves around the relationship between emotional and physical connections, setting up a unique world for us to explore.

Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel

Similar to “The Wild Woman’s Way,” Esther Perel’s “Mating in Captivity” is a perfect textbook for keeping the flame burning bright after all these years. Of course, this might sound like a cliché, and every other person can write about sex. But Esther Perel is a world-famous sex and couples therapist. She’s practically the real-life Jean from “Sex Education” on Netflix.


Reading a book about sex can often feel dull due to the author’s lack of creativity in describing what intercourse can be with words. Yet, this isn’t the case with Perel’s style. It’s refreshing and quite provocative, making “Mating in Captivity” an enjoyable read, through and through. All in all, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable insight on how to achieve a better sex life.

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Not many books about sex were as anticipated as Lisa Taddeo’s “Three Women” from 2019. In her work, the famous journalist immerses herself into three different women in different parts of the United States throughout ten years. The final results are simply fascinating, making this an absolute must-read if you’re looking for a realistic take on love, lust, and desire in the 21st century.


“Three Women” is, unfortunately, nothing short of trauma and sadness too. But both are essential parts of life, and without them, the sex and love bits wouldn’t have the same impact they have. Nevertheless, the way Taddeo writes is absolutely poetic, almost as if her book wasn’t non-fiction. With her guidance, we identify with all three characters, regardless of whether we’d like to admit it or not.