146 – Erin Pim Comes to Frogtown

This week, Dick and max sit down with Erin Pim of The Bed Post Podcast, to discuss her recent journey into Pro-Domme work, and some her darker fantasies, such as Abductions, Impregnation, and Medical Experiments!

Kuldrin’s Krypt A BDSM 101 Podcast

With over 20 years in the BDSM community and the mental health field I have gained a unique understanding and respect for the alternative lifestyle.

As BDSM has become more mainstream it is important that people become informed and educated about truth of the BDSM community instead of letting inaccurate books and movies shape minds, opinions, and lifestyles in a way that is both incorrect and unhealthy. Myself and guests, from porn stars to pastors, will dive deep into all sides of the lifestyle to paint an accurate, informed, and unbiased picture of BDSM and the surprising truth behind the psychology of participants.

EA467 – Sexy Truth or Dare and Formal BDSM

This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about Formal BDSM Events! Plus they start a game of Sexy Truth or Dare.

EA262 – Intense BDSM

This week, Dan & dawn talk about intense BDSM scenes – scenes that leave a mark on your beyond just a bruise. And they talk about what Dan says is the most intense scene he has ever seen – with Tiffy, the person who was bottoming to the scene! PLUS Karen stops by to help us announce the next big thing Dan & dawn are working on! PLUS a Question Of The Day asking if you should be poly; Ginger the puppy gets voicemail; food on boobs that you can count; the Canadian stalkers come to America; secrets of Christen BDSM, and more!

#47 The Healing Powers of Tantra and BDSM

In this podcast, Steve discusses the healing powers of tantra and BDSM with Barbara Carellas.

Barbara is an author, artist, innovator, instigator and a thought leader in the field of sex, gender and spirit. She is also a sex and life coach, sex educator, workshop facilitator, university lecturer, motivational speaker and theatre artist. She is also the author of Urban Tantra: Sacred sex for the Twenty First century, Ecstasy is necessary: a practical guide to sex, relationships and oh so much more. And also Luxurious Loving: Tantric Inspirations For Passion and Pleasure.