Anal play: best practices and toys for sentational experience

Stimulation of the anus is able to excite. Such caresses are relevant for both men and women and you can wear the anal sleeve for the sake of pleasant emotions, for a small expansion of the anus or to prepare for further penetration. Sometimes wearing a butt plug outside is part of an erotic game, aside from the ever trending ben wa balls.

Butt plugs for wearing have a special limiter: it is not wide, and gently holds between the buttocks. At the same time he does not bulge out from under clothes, does not rub soft skin. The inner part is not too wide and flexible, so that any movements are not difficult to perform. Such a sex toy does not hinder movement, but only stirs the imagination.

An example of such a device is an anal chain for wearing the Booty Beads. This is a few balls connected together, they are nice to enter into the anus and feel inside. Butt plug Blue has an anatomical shape, it is able to stimulate the prostate while walking, and during moments of physical exertion it makes every movement very pleasant.

Butt Plug with crystals became bestsellers in America and Europe. These are also the popular butt plugs brought in hotels. Decoration in the style of luxury enchants at first sight.  Thanks to its weight, it is ideal for training the muscles of the anus. This is the best way to please and surprise your partner.

Butt plugs can be equipped with additional features, such as vibration. On the Nexus G-Play Medium, the power button is at the bottom, it is not very convenient, because it will be difficult to turn it in a crowded place. But in the model Anal Fantasy Collection Remote Control Silicone Plug is equipped with a remote control with which you can adjust the intensity of movement.

Sex toys for couples are made from quality materials that do not cause irritation. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for frequent and intensive use. Silicone models can be worn in the body for up to 6 hours without a break. PVC options – no more than 3 hours.

How to choose a butt plug for wearing?

To feel the fullness, buy a classic shape cork. It will be felt at any time: in the gym, on a walk, at work. But such a thing is noticeable during the movements. In the stillness is almost not felt.

Sleeves for wearing with vibration are an opportunity to even experience an orgasm in a crowded place. But it is more convenient to buy a sex toy that is controlled from a remote control or from a smart phone. Then it can be included at any time. If the control on the device itself, then, to reach the power button, you have to retire. And these toys are on sale during this season at Love Plugs and we all know we love prices on sale so don’t missed out, visit them now.

Female Vibro-stimulators

Female vibrators for wearing went on sale recently. Previously, only vaginal balls could be used for these purposes, but they helped strengthen the muscles, but did not give pleasure. Today, in the windows of sex shops there are vibrators that can be used anywhere. There are also vibrators used when premature ejaculation kicks.

Butt plug is a vibrating massager that is controlled from a smart phone. In the bosom of a woman, its main oblong part is immersed, while a small tail looks out and touches the clitoris. With the help of a special application, you can turn on vibration at any time, and the toy will begin to move completely silently to the beat. She can even repeat movements to the beat of the music, the composition is chosen by the owner of the smart phone.

Similar device lush- the ball is inserted into the vagina, and the control takes place with the help of Apple Watch. There are similar functions in Lyla 2, as well as in several other types of vibroiites with remote control. All of them can be used for excitement, and if you trust the remote control partner, the game will be much brighter and more exciting.

Vibro-stimulators for wearing are almost always rechargeable. Only in the remote have to buy batteries. Most models are waterproof, which makes maintenance easier. And durable materials do not require special storage conditions. Sex toys for wearing can change a person’s sex life. She turns excitement into a game, and sex into an exciting adventure. And any of these devices is suitable for experiments in a pair.

Butt plug: what is it and how to choose?

Everyone knows that there are several types of orgasm. It can be clitoris, vaginal and anal. Additional caress of erogenous zones will help to make it brighter. For example, if a partner prepares his partner for sexual intercourse and massages her clitoris, then if he just enters the vagina, the woman will get an orgasm faster and much brighter. It also happens with the caresses of the anus.

Butt plug: features of use

Butt plug is a popular toy for sexual pleasures, but few know what it really is for. It is used not only in intimate proximity with a partner, but also in individual caresses. It helps to stimulate the nerve endings of the anus, which ultimately brings a lot of pleasant sensations. The classic model has the shape of a cone, a sharp nose and a stop that prevents the traffic jam from falling out due to the muscles of the sphincter. At the base, it has a wide portion that helps to easily remove the plug and protect it from sinking into the anus.

The ideal option for using it can be considered sex between two partners. During the introduction of the tube into the anus, the diameter of the vagina is significantly narrowed, which ultimately leads to the fact that not only a woman gets a lot of pleasure, but also a man. Cork can also be used individually during masturbation.