Our curiosity to understand the meaning of sex will help you go beyond everything that you are used to. Pagandad.com was born in one of the dungeons in California. Inspired by one of the BDSM dungeons in California, now a website that features different sex rituals from passionate people.

Our articles represent different cultures from around the world to showcase their beautiful sexual rituals. Humans have been having sex for God knows when, but we often fail to see the intricacy of sexual intercourse. We all have our own rituals that do not involve slitting a hen’s throat or wearing long white gowns, but we still want to know what they are! Regardless of how weird they may be, we are interested to know and we will feature them here!

We are also adding our share of BDSM content on our website to cater to our BDSM community. We all know how some of you have rituals before getting into the act, so this is a good place to share them! Finally, we are just another website that delivers sex tips, guides, and sex toy reviews that you all love!