What is it?

Voices From the Grain is a beginning project for Pagan Men to get their voices out there. In a religion that is focused on balance men are often silent, for many reasons. And it is time for us Men to stand up and let our voices be heard.

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Beltane is Next

And our deadline for the next edition is the 21st of April. Looking forward  to some great submissions.

What is the Topic for the next edition?

Here are few topic ideas;

  • Beltane- Traditions, Rituals etc.
  • Fertility, whether rituals or just thoughts on this time of the year
  • Writings on the Sun King, Oak King, Greenman or any other deity that is centric to this Sabbat or time of the year.
  • Now don’t think this list is the only things you can write about. If you have any other suggestions (either that you want to see, or that you want to write about), then please share it me when I email you back after you fill out the form. Or you can always send it to me through the contact form.

I like the idea! What do I do now?

Well there is a form below for you to fill out if you are a Pagan Man interested in writing for us, this will put you on an email list so we can let you know about updates. And whether you are interested in writing or not please be sure to click share and send this out to all your Pagan friends. Or if you have already filled out the form you can submit an article here.

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