Now we are at the end of my list on what defines a Pagan Household and we come to what is probably the most important task that we as parents face. The building of a strong and spiritual family.

To start we must begin to define what this means. A strong family is one that can withstand all that life throws at it and withstand by rallying together to face the world as an unified front. A spiritual family is one that shares spiritual moments. You will notice that I didn’t say worship together, this is because even if the family members share different faiths, spirituality can be shared. Whether it is a small moment of silence, for individual prayers, before meal time or in the morning before the day begins. Or it is a camping trip where the family can share in the wonders of Creation, spirituality transcends an individual’s faith.

So what can a family do to begin building a strong and spiritual family? Well, here are some suggestions.

  • Write down what you think a strong and spiritual family looks like. To reach our goals we must have them clearly defined.
  • Build a Family Altar. Whether it is a Pagan one or one that is more about the spiritual moments the family shares, it will still serve as a focal point for the family to gather around.
  • Spend time with each other. And not just as a family, each parent should have time with each of the children individually as well.

I know this is far from a complete list, so if you have any suggestions, then please leave me a comment.

Blessed Be!

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8 Responses to Building a Strong Family

  1. Jennifer Lachman says:

    I love how you explained this. I was never able to put it into words when my kids asked, but my husband is a non practicing catholic and I am a pagan. Occasionally when he is going through a difficult time he will light the candles on my alter to Brigid and say a quick prayer to “St. Brigit” The kids will ask how we can pray to the same person if we are different religions. I try to explain it to them but they just look at me confused. Next time they ask I will explain it from the perspective of spirituality rather than religion. Maybe that will help them to understand.

    Also my sister is in the hospital for her second fetal surgery. Her triplets still have another five to six weeks before they can be born and have a chance at survival. I have been praying to Brigid and any prayers to Brigid or St. Bridget would be greatly appreciated.

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