Continuing in my series on defining a Pagan Household we come to this one about raising our children in our faith. Of course I have been writing on this topic for years. But I figured a summary was in order.

To begin let us draw an analogy, between our soul, the seat of our spirituality and a garden. And between our spirituality and an ivy. Left unchecked and untended an ivy will send vines into everything in the garden and choke out all the other life. I’ve even watched it slowly pull plants out of the ground. Our spirituality and that of our children is much the same.

If we do not cultivate our children’s, or our own, spirituality then we run the risk of destroying the garden. This is why I always say that we should teach something to our children. Whether it be our faith our just simply a basic spirituality. Both will help our children to have strength when they go into the world and face all manners of faiths.

And this returns us to our first article in this series We are all Clergy. If we are teaching our children our faith, or at the very least a basic spirituality, then do we not fill the role of a clergy?

Now I know I haven’t addressed the multi-faith household in this article, but I would love to hear about how you have made it work in your own household.

Blessed Be!

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4 Responses to Raising up the Next Generation in Faith

  1. Alysha says:

    I am pagan, my husband is Agnostic, my mother is Jewish, and the majority of our other family members are various branches of Christianity. We are raising our children to know, question and celebrate all of these faiths. When they are older, they will be armed with the knowledge and self esteem to choose the path that speaks to them.

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